My “in case of emergency” toolbox!

As I have been suffering from eating disorders for the past 20 years (yes, you’ve guessed it… not so young anymore!), I’ve been through very rough times. The road to recovery definitely isn’t a linear one, and I’ve learned that even if you start feeling better and noticing improvements, it doesn’t mean that old issues, patterns and distress are gone for good. Good news is: it doesn’t mean that you’re back to square one. Recovery, as life itself, isn’t a straight road. It actually revolves in cycles (it is only natural if you think about it). If you pay attention, you will notice that each time you are going through a rough time, you are approaching it differently – and it’s where recovery lies. Change is occurring inside, slowly but surely.  

I wanted to share with you the contents of my “in case of emergency” toolbox – I open it every time I’m stuck in a dark place. I don’t always use all of the tools, sometimes some are more appropriate than others, but all of them work for me. It might be the case for you too, and feel free to add to it (and if you feel like sharing them, I’m always looking for new tools!).

You just have to think about stuff that makes you feel better – it could be anything, and don’t worry if it may sound stupid, childish or even selfish – the aim is to help you get through a difficult time – be focused on you and how to improve the way you feel, even just a little bit.

With no further delay, Ladies and Gentlemen, here are my ICE tools:

Sleeping! Lack of sleep and tiredness only make things look worse – excessive dramatization full on.

– Having a warm, bubbly bath and pampering
– Reading resource websites such as The Mighty or Recovery Warriors
– Watching a funny film or series
– Hugging my kids 
– Petting my cats
– Going out – just the change of scenery might be life-saving (as I don’t really like to wander, I simply go to a public place)
– Dressing comfy (PJs on!!!!)
– Listening to Eckhart Tolle (mindfulness practice saved my life more than one occasion)
– Reading notes that I’ve written to myself, just to remind me that it will go away, it’s only temporary

It is really important that you do things that you like and nurture you. Be self-centered, don’t feel guilty. The best care you can give to yourself, the sooner and the easier you will be back in shape. 

Also very very important: don’t not judge yourself – be kind to yourself, embrace yourself the way you are right here right now because you are just perfect


I am very sorry to inform you my beautiful daughter who ran this project and funded most of it herself died in February.

The project will continue in her legacy. Please be patient with us whilst we catch up on orders.

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