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I can provide Recovery Shoeboxes containing a general range of items FREE of charge to anyone suffering with their mental health.

However, I prefer to provide a more tailored range of items to suit each individual, and I like to personalise my messages. To help me do this I just need a general steer towards the issues you (or the person you are requesting a box for) have trouble with, such as anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia…

I know going into detail about experiences and traumas can be very triggering and problematic for most people so I would encourage you not to do this because you really don’t need to. My aim is to offer easily accessible help so only the basics are required.

Please be aware that it may be a few months before your box reaches you!

Thank you for your patience 🙂


Please confirm you are living in the UK?

5 + 12 =

I am very sorry to inform you my beautiful daughter who ran this project and funded most of it herself died in February.

The project will continue in her legacy. Please be patient with us whilst we catch up on orders.

If you need more support right now, please take a look at our Help page - If You Need Someone To Talk With Now box.

Unfortunately, due to Customs restrictions on what we can send, we are only able to ship within the UK at the moment.

Thank you for understanding

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