Boxes Sent

Welcome To The Recovery Shoebox Project

Hi! My name is Megan.

“I’m pleased you have found my Recovery Shoebox Project!”

Recovery Shoeboxes are mental health toolkits containing items that help you cope when times are hardest and coping feels difficult.

Each box will include items that might distract, pamper, soothe and motivate. I personalise and oversee each and every box. Please tell me how things affect you and I’ll tailor the box with you in mind.

The Recovery Shoebox Project is not run for profit. When you request one it’s FREE and everyone involved is both a volunteer and understands struggles with mental health. We welcome any offers of support to help us continue helping others either through our PayPal account, or our Work With Us page.

Can We Help You?

I am very sorry to inform you my beautiful daughter who ran this project and funded most of it herself died in February.

The project will continue in her legacy. Please be patient with us whilst we catch up on orders.

If you need more support right now, please take a look at our Help page - If You Need Someone To Talk With Now box.

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